' What we do - People For The Kids

Parents can´t afford to pay.
Teachers can´t afford to stay.
Kids deserve the better way!

What we do

“Parents can't afford to pay. Teachers can't afford to stay.  There is not another way. Pre-K for Santa Fe!"  We are an alliance of the Early childhood education and care community fighting for a better way. PEOPLE for the Kids is (P)arents (E)arly educators and (O)wners (P)artnering for (L)earning in (E)arly-education, for the Kids. 

We are comprised of parents, educators, and childcare center owners supporting each other and raising our voices together to win what we need to ensure equitable access to high quality early learning and for every child regardless of their parents' circumstances.  We stick together in the face of the divide and conquer tactics of policy makers.  Lack of input and lack of respect for parents, early educators and owners have limited the potential of our community-based child care centers to thrive for working families.   We believe that early childhood education is the foundation of a quality education and that education is the promise of equal opportunity for our kids. 

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