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Have some guts! Stop the Cuts!

Funding for consultants who provide resources and mentor early education centers across the state have been abruptly shut down. In order to provide our kids with all of the benefits of an early childhood education, private early learning centers need more investment, not more budget short falls! Short sited plans have long-term affects on our New Mexico's kids, schools and economy.

Secretary Jacobson,

The future of our children's early education in New Mexico is being put at risk. By not better preparing for budget shortfalls, you have displaced a hundred workers and jeopardized the quality of services our early education and care centers rely on. Our communities depend on you to ensure that Children, Youth, and Families Department and the services they provide actually do the most good. So, when we get ranked at the bottom of the list for child well-being we look to you. Actions speak louder than words, do better, find a way to keep these one hundred trained professionals employed. Don't sell their futures to the highest bidder. Our kids are counting on you. 

Will you sign?