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WPA - The OLE’ Working Parents Association is a non-profit organization that uses grassroots organizing within the local community of working families in New Mexico. Our members and staff work together to strengthen our communities through social advocacy and economic reform, using issue-based campaigns and electoral engagement to ensure that working families are playing a critical role in shaping New Mexico’s future with a united voice for working parents of young children.

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EEU - Early Educators United is the statewide early childhood educator organization of teachers and support staff of early education centers who are building a voice for early educators in the decisions the state makes that affects early childhood education and care.

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QELA - The Quality Early Learning Association is comprised of early education center owners and directors from around New Mexico. We believe that early education center owners and directors understand this field better than anyone and should have input in the policies and regulations that affect our businesses. We are organizing across to the state in order to make our voice heard.

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